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All lessons stated below are available as single/ couple of lessons and as complete courses with a duration of 6 months. What might you be looking for? 


Junior Art Class

Our Junior Art Course is thoughtfully designed for children aged 3-6, providing them with a nurturing and secure environment to explore their artistic potential. Through the course, our young participants, affectionately referred to as "little Picassos," will be encouraged to experiment with a diverse range of dry and wet mediums. In a fun and engaging manner, they will have the opportunity to navigate their own ideas, discover new artistic possibilities, and develop a broad understanding of various art topics. Our focus is to create a safe and supportive space where these budding artists can thrive and express their creativity.

Junior Foundation Art Class

Our Junior Foundation Art Course is specifically tailored for students aged 7-14, offering them a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the elements of art and gain a comprehensive understanding of the creative process involved in crafting masterpieces. With a strong emphasis on authentic art education, this course aims to equip our young artists with the necessary skills, confidence, and a mindset of continuous improvement in their artistic endeavors.


Adult Foundation Art Class

Our Adult Foundation Course is specifically designed to cater to the needs of teenagers and adults aged 16 and above. This comprehensive program offers participants an immersive experience as they delve into the intricacies of the 7 fundamental elements of art. Through a series of rigorous exercises and hands-on exploration of diverse dry and wet mediums, our students can expect to develop a strong sense of confidence and proficiency in their artistic abilities. By the end of the course, they will possess the skills to effortlessly express their creativity.

Art Jam Sessions

Our Art Jam sessions cater specifically to students who require scheduling flexibility or have a keen interest in developing their painting skills. These sessions are available as individual lessons or as part of a flexible package, ensuring options for every participant. Guided by experienced instructors, these leisurely lessons provide an opportunity to work on a personally selected image. Whether attending as an individual or as part of a group, participants can expect a fun, highly productive and educational experience.


Private/ Mobile Events

Are you interested in hosting a private session at our esteemed studio or to bring the artistic celebration to your preferred location? Rest assured, we have you covered! Whether it's a birthday party, a bridal shower, a company team-building event, a family bonding experience, a casual gathering, or any other special occasion, we are delighted to be a part of your celebration. Simply share your ideas with us, and we will collaborate to create a unique and tailored experience that exceeds your expectations.

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